INET Future of Work Series #2 | YSI follow-up discussion

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INET is organizing a series of webinars around different issues regarding the Future of Work featuring world-leading economists. Tomorrow there will be the second episode of this series, you can register for the event here:

Right after the main sessions, YSI is hosting engaging discussion sessions to spur further debate around the future of work, raising the main points discussed in the previous sessions and introducing more questions. Besides, the idea is to provide a starting point for future collaboration amongst all interested participants and future YSI projects. Early career scholars and/or professionals will serve as discussants of the main session to briefly present their thoughts and open up the floor for debate among the scholars.
You can register for the next follow-up discussion here:

We strongly encourage you to share questions you have on the future of work by submitting them into this form (

We'll be discussing your questions during the follow-up sessions.
Selected questions may be posed to the panelists at the INET Future of Work Series.
We will add your questions to virtual conference environment at the YSI Virtual
Plenary: New Economic Questions

Schedule for INET Future of Work series
22 September, 12pm ET | What's at Stake?
Mike Spence, James Manyika, Steve Clemons
Discussant in follow-up session: Lara Merling (International Trade Union Confederation)

29 September, 11am ET | What is Technology? Accelerator, Enabler, Displacer?
Long Chen, Anton Korinek, John Van Reenen
Discussant in follow-up session: Cecilia Rikap & VerĂ³nica Robert

06 October, 12pm ET | Is this Time Different? Artificial Intelligence & Robots
Jed Kolko, Sidarth Suri
Discussants in the follow-up session: Fei-fei Li, Shu Li, Thomas Herndon

13 October, 12pm ET | Bad Timing – Offshoring Meets Automation
Damon Silvers, Brad DeLong

27 October, 12pm ET | The Future of Work – How will Work be Different?
Erik Brynjolfsson, Kai-fu Lee

10 November, 12pm ET | Who's Not Afraid of Robots? A Comparison of National Models
Leif Pagrotsky, Richard Baldwin, Gillian Tett

2 December, 12pm ET | Meaningful Integration Or Jobless Future?
Daron Acemoglu, Rob Johnson

12 January, 12pm ET | Are Redistribution Policies Enough?
Gordon Hanson, Laura Tyson, Rana Foroohar

19 January, 12pm ET | Making Technologies Work for All
Jennifer Harris (tbc), Tess Posner, Mariana Mazzucato (tbc)

26 January, 12pm ET | Breaking the Taboo – Industrial Policy for the 21st Century
Dani Rodrik, Laura Tyson

2 February, 12pm ET | Economic and Social Policies for the Digital Era
Pavlina Tcherneva, Andrew Yang (tbc), Tim O'Reilly