Future of Work Series #2: YSI Follow-up discussion

The INET Future of Work Series #2: What is Technology? Accelerator, Enabler, or Displacer?
29 September, 11am ET
Speakers: Long Chen, Anton Korinek and John Van Reenen

Discussants in follow-up session:

  • Cecilia Rikap (CONICET, Argentina & Université de Paris and Université de Technologie de Compiègne, France)
  • Verónica Robert (CONICET & Center for Economic Development Studies, National University of San Martin, Argentina)

The Future of Work is an INET webinar series that brings together diverse voices to discuss the impact of technology on the economy and society.
As technology continues to disrupt industries globally, the nature and future of work will be impacted by decisions and policies being made today. What are the social costs and benefits that technology will bear on economies already transformed by globalization and what are the implications to labor markets and social welfare? Can we get ahead of the next transformational revolution?

The INET Future of Work Series: 2nd Session
Human societies have always coevolved with technology, but how can we think of technology? Is it an external force outside our control, or do we have a say in its direction, development and deployment? Please find the session details here.

YSI Follow-up discussion
Directly following the conclusion of the main sessions, we will be hosting engaging discussion sessions which aim to spur further conversation around the future of work, debate the questions raised, and plant the seeds for further collaboration amongst all interested participants. The sessions will kicked off with a quick recap of points raised in the main session and last 45 minutes.
Please follow this link for further information and to join the session

The start time is ca. 12pm ET after the conclusion of the main session.