Innovation rents and growing inequalities? Pharmaceutical and digital indus

The advance of biotechnology and ICTs has placed the pharmaceutical and digital industries among the most innovative in recent decades. As a result, company profits in both sectors have increased, but in many cases this has led to the increase of inequalities in access to health services or the use of data. These inequalities show the tensions between the public generation of knowledge and its private appropriation. In this sense, the pandemic has reinforced some of these dynamics and poses challenges for nation-states in terms of these sectors. Have companies in these sectors increased their innovative rents during the pandemic? Has this widened (or could it widen) inequalities between people-patients and/or between countries? What has been the role of international governance in the face of these potential problems? How important are national innovation systems in this context?

Dario Vazquez

Cecilia Rikap | Coordinator of YSI States and Markets Working Group
Sauman Singh | Research Development Consultant

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