Managing Public Debt in the EMU: Roundtable today @YSIVirtualPlenary

Dear PolEcon Researchers,

This is just a reminder that this evening we'll be hosting a talk with Vivien Schmidt (Harvard) and Phlipp Heimberger (University of Vienna) on a reform of the EMU fiscal framework. Here are the details, come join the discussion!

Location: "Democracy and Governance Constellation"
Time: 17:00-18:30 (CET)

"Managing Public Debt in the EU: Rules vs Discretion. Fighting the pandemic called for unprecedented government action that translated into rising public indebtedness. While for the time being the application of the EMU fiscal rules has been suspended, their reinstatement will likely put pressure on governments to cut back spending and revive older debates on the issue of rules vs discretion in European fiscal policies. Is time to think of a new governance framework for the EMU?"