Join us for the YSI Virtual Plenary in November

You may have guessed that the YSI Plenary will not happen as planned, and you’re right. But that doesn’t mean that it’s cancelled. The world is in crisis and we need to respond with new economic thinking. So we’re taking the YSI Plenary online. We hope you will join us virtually for the YSI Plenary in November, 2020. Through a range of innovative new formats we’ll challenge each other to move the economics discourse along.

The YSI Plenary will not simply be an event; at its core it will be a collaborative process to debate and determine the questions that inspire our community.

This process will culminate from 6-15 November, 2020. For those 10 days, you will see round-the-clock YSI activity. You’ll be able to come and go–regardless of your timezone and personal schedule–and view updates on the progress at any time.

So, forget the confines of classroom walls, and picture a virtual sea of possibilities! Each working group will prepare their virtual ship to escape the doldrums of old economics and sail off into the horizon. A virtual lighthouse will help you find the way. Constellations of questions will guide your path. And of course there will be a party island for you to connect with friends!

Get ready to contribute to the YSI Plenary! On July 1, we’ll open the application portal. You’ll be invited to submit not only papers for presentation, but also presentation of past and ongoing YSI projects as well as proposals for virtual sessions or activities. Start thinking about it and stay tuned!

This is an unprecedented situation, and we are trying something new. We hope you’ll join us online!

YSI Management