Next Webinar: Blake LeBaron

The third speaker of the webinar series – Complex Systems and Innovation: The Santa Fe Perspective is BLAKE LEBARON!

Join us for his presentation on MONDAY- 29th OCTOBER at 3:30pm CET / 2:30pm UK time.

He currently directs the Masters of Science in Business Analytics program at Brandeis, and is part of a Brandeis interdisciplinary research and teaching group interested in modeling dynamics in a wide range of fields. He has served as director of the Economics Program at The Santa Fe Institute in 1993. He recently spent two years as a visiting researcher with the Office of Financial Research in the U.S. Treasury Department.

He is presently working to understand the quantitative dynamics of interacting systems of adaptive agents and how these systems replicate observed real world phenomenon.

In the past his research has concentrated on the issue of nonlinear behavior of financial and macroeconomic time series, and understanding the observed behavioral characteristics of traders in financial markets.

We look forward to seeing you there for some great discussions!

Coordinators and Organizers of the Complexity Economics & Economics of Innovation Working Groups

*Please note: (1) The time of the webinar changed from 7:30 CET to 3:30 CET because of Blake LeBaron's availability, and (2) on Sunday the clocks switch from Summer to Winter time in many countries including central Europe, so it is 3:30 CET and not 3:30 CEST.