Webinar- Henry Gower: How can we solve the environmental crisis with policy

On October 29th @ 1 PM EST the YSI Sustainability Working Group will be hosting Henry Leveson-Gower to speak for our webinar series: "How can we solve the environmental crisis with policy?"

Henry will look at new policy approaches based on institutional design inspired by Elinor Ostrom, innovations in social enterprise legal forms and charity regulation frameworks. He will show how this type of approach can address the failings of standard incentive based policy interventions. He will use the challenge of river catchment management to show how they could be applied.

This is part-two in this series and anyone with an interest is welcome to participate!

About Henry Leveson-Gower (Founder and CEO of https://economicpluralism.org/):

"Henry has been a practicing economist and policy analyst for almost 25 years. He has worked on issues from international trade and environment to economic and environmental regulation design. He has always sought to draw on a whole range of economic and social science thinking and techniques from international political to behavioral economics.

He has a particular expertise in using agent based modeling (ABM) having produced the first Government impact assessment using an ABM. He is now advising UK ABMs across government. He recently addressed the OECD on the policy application of ABMs. He also has expertise in institutional and complexity economics and is advising organizations on the implications for regulatory design and implementation.

Henry is an internationally recognized expert in water policy and regulation but he also has knowledge of a wide range of environmental policy areas including sustainable consumption and production, climate change adaptation, industrial pollution and waste. He has worked in the public and private sector at the local, national and international level both in the UK and Australia."

Looking forward to seeing everyone again!!