Post Festival News and New Events

Dear All,

The Festival for New Economic Thinking was a remarkable experience . We would like to thank those who attended for all your commitment and for bringing always new projects on board.
Some of the most important moments during both the YSI and INET events, happened while talking to our peers, regarding both the present and the future of our profession, but also how how struggles reflect what we are going through as a society and not only as members of academia.

Some of the highlights of the festival were the following:

1) Having our 1st research-oriented cryto panel with with Perry Mehrling professor of economics at Barnard College at Columbia University and Rohan Grey of the Modern Money Network and Izabella Kaminska from FT Alphaville, featured in the Financial Times For those of you who dont have a subsciption we have attached a PDF.
2) Promoting our remarkable scholar Beniamino Callegari, as an organizer. We expect amazing things from him.
3) Under the brilliant Mary Kaltenberg's proposal and initative we are going to start a reading group on Schumpeter's: Theory of Economic Development. More on that on a new post.
4) Our excellent scholar Mark Stelzner was cited by Professor Joseph Stiglitz in the article :America Has a Monopoly Problem—and It’s Huge. Congratulations.

If you prefer facebook please join us :
The community is growing, with excellent members and we are thrilled about it. It is a privilege to work with all of you.

Stay tuned for more,



FT Alphaville.pdf