Reminder! Join the Sustainability WG – Vegan Food Social Activity

Hi everyone,

Do you have to do something different and fun? ¬°Join us tomorrow for a cooking class and discussion about how to cook sustainably in the!

Wednesday, 11 November (15:00 UTC)- Vegan food, innovation and sustainability
Presenters: Patieene Passoni & Chaitanya Talreja
Moderated by Ariel Ibanez

If you want to cook with us, we recommend taking note of the following:

  • Ingredients:
    Coconut milk
    Cardamom powder
    Cashews, raisin and almonds
  • Proportion in terms of rice quantity:
    If using one measuring cup of rice then same measuring cup:
    1 cup normal coconut milk
    3 cups of thick coconut milk
    3 cups of Jagger
    Cashews, raisin and almonds to decorate
  • Pre-preparation: Rice should be soaked for half hour to one hour (Longer the better)
  • Cookware: one (or two) pans; cooker; regular kitchen utensils

We hope see you tomorrow,

Sustainability WG