Today’s #YSIPlenary session starting in 45 minutes

Hi everyone

Today's Plenary session in the Behavior & Society Working Group will start soon, at 10am UTC (11am CET, noon EET, 5am Eastern). You can join us here:

Our five speakers are:

  • Tanay Katiyar: Behavioral Interventions for Departmental Workshops: An Institutional Case Study
  • Newton Carlini: Individual Behaviour, Social Routines and Real Time Dynamics under an Outbreak: an ABM model
  • Philippine Waisvisz: Digital Narrative Identification: Towards an AI for narratives and economic identities
  • Shaden Shabayek: Hidden Opinions
  • Beatriz Vitoriano Alves de Oliveira: Sensitivity of Individual behavior to nudges: experimental approach to honesty level of university students in Brazil

Please join and listen to their presentations, and bring your own thoughts and questions too.

And before the session starts, take a look at the 'Top 100 Economic Questions' that will be a key output of the Plenary. We have added our first questions to this list after yesterday's Round Table session on Fractal Economics. You can see the 'Societal Organization' questions here:

Our two questions so far are:

  • "Should the market shape our preferences (or our individual level neural reward system)?"
  • "Can economic entities at different scales be treated and modelled the same way? Do firms have preferences just like individuals? Or do the behaviours of individuals aggregate up to behaviours of firms, and nations? And going in the other direction, can the competing interests within one person's brain be treated like the elements of their own economy?"

If you think these are interesting questions for economists to be asking in the next few years, please vote for them at the link above. And feel free to suggest your own questions as well.