What A Week!

Dear PolEcon members,

What a week it has been!
Hopefully, you managed to attend some of the most inspiring sessions, like the roundtable talk with Vivien Schmidt and Philipp Heimberger and Questions Fair with Geoff Mann and Lord Adair Turner.
We also hope that you had a chance to relax and check out some of the amazing socials, organized by different Working Groups. Yesterday, we managed to get Mariana Mazzucato on board for our social event, where she spoke about her favorite jazz musicians and sipped wine with us. How cool was that?!

We have two more exciting sessions coming up!

Don’t miss today, Saturday, November 14:

@ 15:00-17:00 (UTC) Economic and Monetary Union: Convergence or Divergence? Showcase Session (Ship)

And tomorrow, Sunday, November 15:
@ 16:00-17:00 (UTC) State of the Field Discussion and Zoom Take-away Dinner (Ship)

See you!
Salome, Stefano M. and PolEcon WG