Tomorrow morning’s YSI Plenary session (10am UTC) – Behavior & Society

I hope everyone is having a good evening after a tumultuous week. The American election might be over but the YSI Plenary is only just getting started!

I'd like to remind you all of our Working Group session tomorrow morning, where you can see four work-in-progress papers on diverse behavioural research topics. Presenting their research tomorrow will be:

Lame Ungwang | Incentives Schemes Revisited: Effects of Group versus Individual Incentives for Microfinance Field Staff

Oliver Braganza | Proxyeconomics, a theory and model of proxy-based competition

Emilia Brito, Veronika Poór, Stephanie Thomas | Methodology matters: the importance of using effect sizes in behavioral research on gender

Alice Wilson | Housing and Power: The Role of Tiny Houses in Urban Development

The session starts at 10am UTC (11am CET, noon EET, 5am EST). It will be broadcast on Zoom and all are welcome. To watch, ask questions and contribute, just got to this link:

You shouldn't need to log in to take part, but you may want to register a user on the Plenary website anyway. This only takes 30 seconds – we recommend you use the same email as you used to register on the YSI website.

The speakers and I look forward to seeing you there – as well as for our three other sessions which will take place later in the plenary.

Best wishes