Webinar series in preparation for YSI Dialogue with Andrea Enria (SSM)

The Finance, Law, and Economics and Political Economy of Europe working groups are thrilled to announce a webinar series in preparation for our meeting with Andrea Enria, Chair of the ECB's Supervisory Board, that will take place on 27 April in Frankfurt. The sessions aim to explore critical aspects of prudential supervision, financial regulation, and transformations of the banking sector, in order to better understand the current dynamics of the sector and be prepared to have a high-level dialogue with the Head of the SSM. At the end of each session, we'll discuss the main questions that we'd like to discuss with Dr Enria during our meeting. Attending these sessions is a prerequisite to apply to the event, and will be extremely helpful to build up our discussion.
See all the planned events: https://ysd.ineteconomics.org/project/5e1de57a17c9946aa4834265

Apply to the YSI dialogue: https://ysd.ineteconomics.org/project/5e1dec4e17c9946aa48344bd/event/5e1df54b17c9946aa48347cd

Looking forward to seeing you online and/or in person soon!