YSI 2020 Outlook

2020 is here and YSI has big plans! Below is an outline of the biggest news; have a look! We hope you’ll be as excited as we are for what is to come.

Note that this is just a preview; we will be sending more detailed emails about each of the elements in the next days and weeks.

YSI Plenary in Budapest | SAVE THE DATE | 22-26 September, Central European University

We are excited to announce the second YSI Plenary, entitled New Economic Questions! This will be the biggest gathering of our community to date! It will take place on September 22-26 at Central European University in Budapest. If you are a YSI veteran, the YSI Plenary is a unique chance to meet everyone who has been working in the community over the past years. If you are new, there is no better introduction to the community. Surely, you will not want to miss it. Please save the date! The application window will open on March 20th. You can secure an “early bird” travel stipend by submitting a question (see below).

Questions – Submit Yours!

This year, YSI will embark on a new challenge: to identify a set of important and interesting research questions that inspire new economic thinking. We will launch a questions feature with the first one hundred questions at the YSI Plenary in September. The process to identify good questions begins now, and we invite you to be involved! You can participate by submitting your question before 5 March. If your question makes it to the next round, you may be offered an “early bird” travel stipend to the plenary before the regular application even opens! Find out more here.

YSI @ INET Conference / IMF & World Bank Spring Meetings, Washington, D.C. | 13-17 April, 2020

To kick off the week of the INET conference and the IMF & World Bank Spring Meetings, YSI is hosting a day of workshops on 13 April. Our 13 parallel workshops will be hosted at the IMF, the Federal Reserve Board, the Inter-American Development Bank (TBC), Greenpeace, ACLU and other policy institutions! Accepted young scholars will be invited to join the YSI activities at the INET conference and the IMF & World Bank Spring Meetings. The call for participation is open now. Travel support is available; apply here!

Working Group Mandates for 2020

With YSI’s recent governance updates, working groups have developed annual mandates that set the academic priorities and general strategic direction of the working groups. Review each group’s mandate for 2020 here!

Become a YSI Coordinator

Nearly all working groups have coordinator position openings! This is a unique opportunity to serve the community’s efforts in your working groups. If you’ve been active in YSI and would like to be considered, apply before March 31. New coordinators will officially be introduced at the YSI Plenary in September. Find out more here.

Update your YSI profile

Next time you log in to the YSI website you will be asked to go over your profile. This is to remind you to keep your profile page nice, and to make sure your settings are correct

Economic Questions

Economic Questions now serves the Young Scholars Initiative (YSI) as its community blog! Subscribe for articles featuring your fellow young scholars and mentors, news and insights from within the YSI community, and weekly articles from Elham Saeidinezhad. Take a look!

Open Office Hours

If you have questions about all this, or something else, the YSI Management team is here for you! Feel free to dial into our virtual open office hours and discuss anything that’s on your mind. Starting on February 14, we’re here every Friday, from 10-11am ET. Permanent Zoom link: https://youngscholarsinitiative.zoom.us/j/955505614

Thank you!

The YSI Management Team