YSI Economic History Workshop at the Federal Reserve Board on 13 April

Macro-, Monetary-, and Financial History⁠—Lessons from the Past

We are excited to share the Call for Participation for our upcoming workshop in Washington D.C. on 13 April, 2020. You can also find the full CfP and a link to the application process — here.


During the 2007-08 financial crisis, economists and policy makers looked to the Great Depression for historical examples of how to respond to severe economic turmoil. A decade later, what historical examples can guide people who are trying to make sense of today's world? Many of today’s challenges—from financial turmoil to the strains of globalization—have historical precedents. In this workshop, we hope to gain insights into today's problems by analyzing examples of how similar issues were managed in the past.

We are particularly interested in contributions that deal with the evolution and (in)stability of financial markets, as well as the ways in which financial instability affects the broader economy, policy choices, central banking, and (de)globalization. Potential research topics can include the following (but we welcome proposals on any related topics too):

  • How did policy-makers’ responses to historical financial crises differ across countries?
  • How does the relationship between private and central banks affect financial (in)stability?
  • What is the relationship, if any, between financial instability and economic inequality?
  • How do historical narratives, national identities, and/or economic or political beliefs shape central bank policy?
  • What is the role of trade policy in impacting financial (in)stability?

We welcome contributions that involve quantitative or qualitative approaches. We are not interested in any particular time period of geographic area but do encourage innovative contributions that are of interest for academics and policy makers alike.

How to Attend

Registration is open to anyone with an interest in the topic. Those applying to present should include an abstract and paper title.

Workshop participants are also invited to the INET Conference that will follow on 14-15 April, ahead of the IMF and World Bank Meetings on 16-18 April. Interested participants residing outside the DC area may apply for partial travel support and accommodation. In your application, please attach your CV and motivation, and elaborate on how your work and your interests align with the goals of the workshop, and the partner organization.