YSI Special Session – 4th UNICAMP International School

YSI Special Session – UNICAMP International School on Development Challenges

The YSI Latin America Working Group happily announces a special session to be held on August 7 during the 4th Unicamp International School on Development Challenges – Changes in contemporary capitalism and impacts on the global south.

We invite students of previous editions of Unicamp International School on Development Challenges as well as current students to submit their work (paper or thesis chapter – work in progress are allowed) to present in our special session. Selected participants will have the opportunity to present and get feedback from a senior mentor in the area and/or from other participants of the workshop (feedback across participants will be strongly incentivized). We believe this is a very important opportunity given that young scholars have had difficulties in the recent years to find suitable places to present their work, given the challenges that the pandemic entailed.

Following the school topic and in the longstanding tradition of The Institute of Economics at Unicamp on discussing development issues, our special session welcomes articles and chapter thesis that broadly fall within the following topics:

● Economic structure and development
● Studies on Gender, Race and Inequality
● Conflict Inflation, personal and functional income distribution.
● Monetary policy and financialization.
● Political economy
● Impacts of the COVID pandemic
● Structural change and deindustrialization
● Sustainable development and ecological transition
● Challenges of the 4th industrial revolution

Papers (or work in progress) must be written in English and contain a title, short abstract (maximum 200 words), author's name, institutional affiliation, and email address. Selected participants will have 15 minutes to present their work.
We recommend submitted papers to have a maximum number of 8000 words.

Important dates

Deadline for application: 25th April
Results will be released on 25th May