YSI | UDELAR | ECLAC International Workshop 2023

International Workshop:

Structural Change, Social Inclusion and Environmental Sustainability: New Perspectives and Policies in Economic Development.

We are happy to invite you to submit your work to the International Workshop 2023 which will be held between 7-8 September in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Organizing Working Groups: Keynesian Economics, Latin America, Financial Stability and Complexity.

Political tensions associated with rising inequality, geopolitical rivalries weakening the multilateral system, financial instability, environmental issues, and persistent technological and productive asymmetries among developing and developed countries, are the current challenges of the international economy. Different paradigms in economics are trying to explain these crises and design policy responses to move towards sustainable development in its three dimensions, economic, social and environmental. Post-Keynesian, Structuralist, Institutionalist, Evolutionary, and Schumpeterian economists, among others, have contributed to the debate and expanded the opportunities for a pluralist conversation and cross-fertilization. This workshop aims to bring together researchers from different intellectual traditions and countries to discuss their research results and ongoing research advances on these major topics.
This workshop aims specially to promote the participation of PhD students and young scholars (3 years since earning a PhD degree) working in the following areas:

  • The political economy of structural change and income distribution
  • Economic, industrial and technological policies for a fair transition
  • Models and empirical analysis on gender, caring society and development
  • Center-periphery and the reshaping of the international insertion of the periphery
  • Macroeconomic policy effects on structural change and income distribution
  • Historical interpretations on structural change and multidimensional inequality
  • Financial instability, debt and the financing of sustainable development
  • How to combine different insights from different schools of thought, highlighting their complementarities and / or points of discordance
  • Multidimensional poverty and the Sustainable Development Goals

Extended abstracts and full paper submissions:
Interested scholars are invited to apply to the workshop by submitting an extended abstract (1500-2000 words). The paper selection follows a blind review method. The major prerequisites for acceptance are completeness and relatedness to the required topics. Submitted work will most likely be considered if it is fully readable and does not lack substantial sections. We encourage authors to send their abstract in English, Portuguese or Spanish. Full paper submissions are accepted written in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

Workshop presentations:
In the workshop, mentors will give feedback to participants. The workshop will be organized in different sessions according to the research topic. Moreover, we will count with an special edition in the PSL Review so selected papers will have the chance to submit their work.

Financial support:
Financial support is available, although resources are scarce. In this sense, it will only be given to scholars who are based in the region. Please indicate the need for funding in the application. In case of acceptance, organizers will contact participants with details about the amount granted.

Important deadlines:

Reception of extended abstracts (1000-1500 words): 31st March
Acceptance announcement: 30th April 2022
Full paper submissions: 15th July

For any questions regarding the call, please contact:
[email protected]


Academic Committee:

Verónica Amarante, Luis Bértola, Carlos Bianchi, Camila Gramkow, Fernando Isabella, Florencia Jaccoud, Mercedes Menéndez, Lucía Pittaluga, Gabriel Porcile, Verónica Robert, Carolina Roman, Danilo Spinola, Giuliano Yajima

Organizer Committee:

Carlos Bianchi, Jimena Castillo, Tiago Couto, Fernando Isabella, Florencia Jaccoud, Cecilia Lara, Nathalie Marins, Pablo Marmisolle, Anaclara Martinis, Mercedes Menéndez, Helena Morais, Santiago Picasso, Gabriel Porcile, Maximiliano Presa, Giuliano Yajima