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6th Workshop on New Developmentalism

YSI Pre-Conference ND Workshop @ FGV

Start time:

December 1, 2023 - December 2, 2023



Center for Studies on New Developmentalism of the São Paulo School of Business Administration – Getulio Vargas Foundation, Bela Vista, São Paulo, 01332-000




The outbreak of COVID-19, the Russo-Ukrainian war, and the slowdown of significant global economies such as the USA and China have brought unforeseen economic difficulties to all countries in the world, but especially to developing countries. Do these ongoing difficulties intensify or bring new possibilities for catch-up strategies for developing countries? Conventional economic theory has unsatisfactory results, and there is a growing demand for alternative theories.

Nevertheless, as put forward by Gerschenkron (1962, p.6) “No past experience, however rich, and no historical research, however thorough, can save the living generation from the creative task of finding their own answers and shaping their own future”, and thus, having new theories developed within developing countries becomes essential."

New Developmentalism (ND) is a theoretical framework developed by prominent economists in Brazil, such as Professor Bresser-Pereira since the early 2000s. It has been developed to include middle-income countries, in particular, Latin America and Brazil in particular. The theory, based largely on classical development economics and post-Keynesian economics, has made substantial contributions to political economy and development macroeconomics. It focuses on fiscal and current accounts and on five macroeconomic prices which the market cannot keep ‘right’.

The 6th Workshop on ND will be an event composed of lectures, conferences by a keynote speaker (such as two lectures by Professor Fiona Tregenna), and panels of paper presentations on themes related to economic development in emerging countries – in particular, through ND's theoretical approach. In this way, it seeks to stimulate debate and understanding of possible unconventional strategies for catching up in developing countries. More specifically, it seeks to stimulate debate, production, and the strengthening of a network of researchers in macroeconomic and development theory. This is from an unconventional approach.

This year, Complexity Economics and the Latin American Working Group of YSI-INET, jointly with CND-FGV, are pleased to invite you to submit your manuscript for the sessions and for paper presentation at the workshop. We encourage submissions that broadly fall within the conference topics (see below). Examples include:

  • The political economy of new developmentalism (developmental capitalism x liberal capitalism, the developmental state).

  • Why and how to manage the five macroeconomic prices (exchange rate, wage rate, profit rate, interest rate, and inflation) to promote economic development?

  • Why are the exchange rate and the current account so important in investment?

  • Extensions of new developmentalism (green growth strategies, economic policies to reduce inequalities).

  • Analysis of the development strategies of countries, particularly Latin American countries.

  • Analysis of the development strategies of countries from the South, particularly Africa and Asian countries

  • Empirical research that tests new-developmentalist hypotheses and models.

  • Models and empirical research focused on the relation between climate change and structural change.

Please apply and find specific information about the workshop through their official website: https://eaesp.fgv.br/centros/centro-estudos-novo-desenvolvimentismo/eventos/6th-workshop-new-developmentalism

Extended Deadline for submissions: October 30, 2023. Results will be released on November 01, e-mail address for submissions: [email protected]. Candidates should submit an abstract, maximum 500 words (excluding references). It should be sent in PDF format and include author identification, affiliation, and the title of the article. Each candidate can submit no more than one abstract as the main author and another abstract as a secondary author.

The Workshop intends to provide an excellent opportunity for its participants to discuss these issues. Participants will receive feedback from mentors, and participate in lectures with worldwide specialists on the topic.

Travel and accommodation costs: Select participants (young scholars) may be eligible for partial funding stipends from YSI-INET. Please inform us in the e-mail of submission if you are also applying for partial funding stipends.

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